Local October 3, 2012 | 11:04 am

Air line owner, businessman formed Dominican Republic’s “toads cartel”

Santo Domingo.- The head of the National Drugs Control Agency on Wednesday affirmed having substantial evidence against Rafael Rosado, owner of the airline Carib-Air, who allegedly bought for planes to haul drugs and accused Sergio Rene Gomez Diaz was of heading the Los Sapos Cartel (toads) in the Dominican Republic.

General Rolando Rosado said though Rosado has managed to sidestep various to drug trafficking and money laundering cases, this time there’s hard evidence involving him.

"He was caught carrying drugs over there and other aircraft that he had bought were seized, confiscated with loads of drug in Honduras, he didn’t say that bit, because he should also add that other part."

The head of the DNCD chided that perhaps Rafael Rosado has a "magic wand" to wiggle out of every prosecution, "because obviously he has been very lucky so far."

As to Santiago businessman Gomez Diaz, the official said he was the Cartel’s coordinator in the country. "Sergio René Gómez Díaz was the brains, the fundamental structure in the Dominican Republic area of that office here, and his house was the center of operations."

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