Local October 3, 2012 | 7:50 am

Pensions scandal uncovers more juicy perks

Santo Domingo.- The scandal unleashed with ex Banks Superintendent Haivanjoe Ng Cortiñas’ self-authorized RD$651,592 monthly pension could become stupor, when the population learns of the other perks in that agency’s Supplemental Retirement and Pension Plan.

It states that when a Superintendence official or employee retires, they will receive their full salary for one year.

After the 12 months, the retiree will receive, now from the Pension Plan, the amount corresponding to the pension, which can be as much as 80% of the salary, according to the rules approved by the Monetary Board in September, signed by its president Héctor Valdez Albizu.

Ng, who gave up his pension after it was widely criticized, was to receive the monthly salary of RD$899,000, earnings as superintendent for one year, before the plan for which such employee provided 7% of their salary, and began to receive the RD$651,000.

Other pensions

In addition to Ng’s, a total of 49 employees applied for the SP’s Supplementary Retirement and Pension Plan this year, with amounts ranging from RD$27,999 for the messenger Minerva Perez Feliz, with 29 years of service, to the more than RD$600,000 for the ex director.

Other officials which applied for juicy pensions include Daris Javier Cuevas Nin, with RD$437,369, the manager Luis Andres Montes de Oca, with RD$413,309, the deputy Atahualpa Pedro Dominguez, with RD $ 317.364; the adviser José Lucretius Núñez Contreras, with RD$270,505 and the director Antonio Ramón Rodríguez Sánchez, with RD$200,960.

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