Local October 18, 2012 | 7:02 am

Dominican agents bust foreign “gun runners,” one killed

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez and Police Chief Jose Polanco launched an investigation yesterday into the death of German national died Pierter Dimitri and the discovery of an arsenal in a house and visited the site where the foreigner and three agents were injured.

During the raids in sector La Mulata III, in Sosua several foreigners were arrested, including a woman accused of injuring second lieutenant Alejandro Toribio, and the corporals Junior Antonio Zapata and Jose Antonio Ramirez, who are not in serious condition.

"When the investigations of this case advances we will proceed to issue a report with the actual circumstances surrounding this and the discovery of these weapons," Dominguez said.

Polanco said the foreigners seemed to be selling illegal weapons, adding that the cache included two grenades, several M16 assault rifles, an armored SUV and an armored ambulance, shotguns, crossbows and several buckets of ammunition.

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