Local October 19, 2012 | 9:26 am

Police identify 2 gunmen killed in shootout (Update5)

Santo Domingo.- Two of the three alleged assailants who were seriously hurt in an attempted robbery early Friday morning in a condo in downtown Santo Domingo died around 11am, Police spokesman Diego Pesqueira confirmed Friday. FILE. Two of the building’s residents say the suspects went into the building demanding money, but fled when nobody produced it.

Police Investigation Div. commander Maximo Baez arrived on the scene, where he affirmed that two gunmen are being held, at least one of them was injured and in serious condition.

The suspect who escaped is believed to be still hiding in the area. A Swat team is on the scene, near the Plaza Florida.

Luis Morel, one of the residents, said the thieves fled with the keys to his car, but managed to scream for help, prompting the confrontation. “They came for money but we don’t have any.”

More details as they develop…

FILE.-Two people were hurt in the ongoing shootout between police and three suspects.

The National Police is reportedly exchanging fire with three gunmen in an ongoing shootout in downtown Santo Domingo, amid an aborted auto theft on the busy corner of Bolivar Av. with Armando Rodriguez St.

The agents confronted the gunmen as they tried to steal an SUV, leading the alleged thieves to take refuge in the four story apartment building PROVISA, where the gunfire continues.

Police are currently cordoning off the area and perched on rooftops with assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests.

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