Local October 22, 2012 | 12:32 pm

Groups ask that you blast your horn against tax reform, impunity

Santo Domingo.- A grassroots group called "Toot your horn10 times" called the novel protest for 10am Wednesday nationwide, against the looming tax reform and impunity.

The group said before raising taxes on the people, the government should eliminate wasteful spending and unjustified privileges, as suggested by the Economic and Social Council (CES) in their dialogue with government officials.

Among the organizers figure the neighborhood and community organizations Citizen Convergence Popular Board of, the Movement "Join Us" Women for Community Foundation and COSALUD of the barrios Los Alcarrizos nd Loma del Chivo.

After announcing the protest during a press conference Monday morning at the Dominican Medical Association headquarters, the organizations said they agreed with this and other protests after a meeting Saturday at the prestigious think tank, Centro Bono.

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