Local October 23, 2012 | 3:17 pm

Police chief blames German doomsday sect’s presence on “Dominicanism”

Santo Domingo.- Police chief Jose A. Polanco Gomez on Tuesday said the country has been weak with some foreigners who don’t respect the rules and good manners, referring to the Germans, members of the violent doomsday sect which involved in a shootout with a patrol, in which the German Peter Demetrick was killed in Sosúa, Puerto Plata (north).

He said it’s not really a problem of justice but instead of "Dominicanism," noting that the foreigners had been in the country since 2002 and even had confrontations among themselves.

Polanco said he’ll hold a press conference, on that case before Friday, where he pledged to provide all the details.

The police chief noted that in the shootout with the three Germans, two men and a woman, the police seized an arsenal. He said the Germans had been subpoenaed to appear in in a Puerto Plata court several times but never showed up. "They said they were not going to submit to the laws of man."

"With some foreigners the Dominican Republic has been traditionally weak and that cannot be. Whether European, Asian, or American, whoever lives here must respect the rules and good manners," Polanco added.

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