Local October 30, 2012 | 11:13 am

The end of procrastination? Tag renewals jump 45%

Santo Domingo.- The Internal Taxes Agency on Tuesday posted a significant increase in this year’s tag renewals, now into its third month, 45 percent higher than the same 2011 period.

The announcement by Internal Taxes is a departure from the traditional procrastination by Dominicans, as evidenced by the long lines when the deadline to renew inches closer.

The DGII said revenue thus far totals RD$481.9 million, a 41 percent jump, or RD$140.7 million more than the same year ago period.

The Agency said it sold 360,000 tag renewal stickers during the first 60 days of the process, compared to 24, 467 made in the second month in 2011.

The tag renewals will last until Nov. 30, after which motorists will have to pay a surcharge.

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