Local November 8, 2012 | 8:35 am

Ruling party vows to defend ex president Fernandez “in any scenario”

Santo Domingo.- Senate President Reinaldo Pared on Wednesday warned that the political organization defend in any scenario, ex president Leonel Fernandez and two of his closes collaborators, Felix Bautista and Victor Diaz Rúa, all three of which have been accused of the fiscal deficit of RD$187.0 billion, by the minority party Country Alliance.

The also General Secretary of the ruling PLD party said the complaint filed by Country Alliance president Guillermo Moreno should be dismissed because "the filing of this complaint is a frustration because the fiscal deficit has been confused with tax fraud and there hasn’t been tax fraud, that would be what proceeds from the legal standpoint."

Pared said the purpose of the lawsuit isn’t legal, and instead political, which aims to disqualify Fernandez ahead of the 2016 elections. "I say to those sectors with these purposes, behind president Leonel Fernandez will be an entire PLD, a compacted political party, unified to take up his defense on any stage."

Movement supports Fernandez

National Christian Movement (MNC) president Jeremiah Jimenez said the charges against Fernandez are unsubstantiated because the current deficit stems from external factors related to the global crisis in Europe and the euro.

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