Local November 13, 2012 | 11:12 am

Grass roots movement asks boycott of ex President’s speech

Santo Domingo.- The youth movement La Multitud (the crowd), one of the growing number of groups which have staged protests against the recently passed tax reform, called on the population to "turn off their TVs at 10pm," the hour during which ex president Leonel Fernandez is slated to address the country, and take to the streets with lit candles and dressed in black instead.

It asked homemakers, drivers, workers in general, and even the military and police agent, to watch no more deceptions and respond forcefully lighting candles in every corner of the country.

"Leonel had eight years to talk and never told the truth, it’s too late for explanations, now there has to be justice," said La Multitud protest organizer Jairo Ramirez. "Worst of all, it’s that we believed in president Danilo Medina, but now we see that the power behind the throne is Leonel Fernandez," he said.

The youth group leader said there will be a gathering in front of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, chaired by Fernandez, starting 8:30pm with lit candles, in the capital.

"Those who can come to Funglode, come, those who can’t, light candles at the corners and outside their homes,” Ramirez said.

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