Local November 27, 2012 | 4:14 pm

Lawyer: Case of senator charged with embezzling RD$250M is “populism”

Santo Domingo.- Senator Amable Aristy’s defense lawyer on Tuesday called Justice Minister’s request to incarcerate his client for allegedly embezzling RD$250 million during his tenure in the Dominican Municipal League (DML), selective, populist and inadmissible.”

July Cury said Francisco Dominguez’s request against Aristy is selectivity and populism, because besides being irrelevant, the Supreme Court has yet to rule on the challenge filed by Aristy’s attorneys,

"I reiterate that the Justice Ministry is massacring the principle of objectivity, because instead of exercising his functions without lingering personal resentments to ensure the correct application of the law, Cury said.

“It’s obvious that there are those who are prejudiced against Aristy, to the extent that the Justice Minister seems to have only eyes for such facts to substantiate criminal responsibility, not so to acquit him.”

Cury added that of Domínguez’s action in nothing more that turning his back on the judicial framework to accommodate it to the chaotic, anarchic and capriciously interpreted laws.

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