Local November 30, 2012 | 10:34 am

The days of ironfisted criminal policy are gone; Police chief

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Jose Polanco yesterday the days when the country struggled between a "soft hand" or "ironfisted" criminal policies are gone because today’s talk is of a "smart hand" to prevent and prosecute organized and common crimes.

"This new service vision and mission of the police not only involves the use of technology, but a close collaboration between the police and the justice system, nurtured with the cooperation and support of the honest public which respects the law," he said.

Polanco spoke welcome participants of the "5th Police Summit of the Americas," in a hotel in the capital with12 police chiefs and representatives from 29 hemisphere countries.

He said success in the war on organized crime is determined by the commitment, support and political will at the highest levels of Latin American governments, and in this regard said the local Police has president Danilo Medina’s full support, and of the officials of the other agencies.

The Summit brings together experiences and progress in prosecuting transnational crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism and technological crimes.

Colombia police chief and Ameripol president José Roberto Leon Riano said to grow stronger, the regional entity’s references are the continental police models, including the Interpol and Europol agencies, which also base their activities on the coordination and exchange of information in real time. "The exchange of information has contributed to specific operational actions and to successfully fight the various forms of crime."

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