Local December 5, 2012 | 3:05 pm

Lawmakers fear government officials will pocket Pension Fund money

Santo Domingo.- Deputies of the opposition PRD party today said they fear how part of Dominican Republic’s Pension Fund will be used, just hours after the government announced the construction of low-income housing with some of those resources.

Esther Minyety and Alberto Atallah said the citizens must be on guard to ensure strict compliance as pledged by president Danilo Medina, that the funds are to be used only in housing plans.

Minyety, deputy for San José de Ocoa province, says his fears that government officials of the ruling PLD party will use the taxpayers’ money in similar ventures such as the construction of the condo buildiongs, Torre del Progreso, mired in scandal when it was learned that senior PLD members obtained luxury apartments in the 3-building complex.

But PLD Mario Hidalgo defended the housing construction project, and added that now more than ever, the PLD administration is committed to transparency, because “the people’s eyes are upon us.”

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