Local December 7, 2012 | 10:24 am

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Ex president Fernandez is behind lawsuit, former candidate says

Santo Domingo.- Minority party Country Alliance (Al-Pais) president Guillermo Moreno on Friday accused ex president Leonel Fernandez and senator Felix Bautista of being behind the lawsuit filed against him by the Eastern Zone Development Foundation (Fundazor).

"The amounts in lawyers fees contained in the complaint and considering that nobody knows Fundazor, I affirm that those behind the lawsuit are Leonel Fernandez and Felix Bautista," Moreno said on his way to the U.S., where he will visit several states in political activities.

The former presidential candidate in the May 20 election said the Foundation’s embezzlement allegation is part of the smear campaign waged against him, for the crusade launched by his party of "No more impunity, punishment for those responsible for the fiscal deficit."

Moreno warned Fernández and Bautista that they won’t halt his fight against impunity and ensure that the corrupt go to jail.

He added that once he learned of the complaint, he voluntarily visited National District prosecutor Yenny Berenice Reynoso, a placed himself at her disposition.

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