Local December 17, 2012 | 11:05 am

Dominicans seek the “truth” into freedom fighter’s murder 40 years ago

Santo Domingo.- Vaious personalities including historians, anthropologists, doctors, journalists, priests and others call for the designation of ”a commission truth” to investigate the alleged murder of Colonel Francisco Alberto Camano, shot dead nearly 40 years ago, and bring those responsible to justice.

Among those who call for an investigation is Claudio Caamaño Grullon, are the Colonel’s comrade and survivor of the revolt, and the journalist Raul Perez Peña (Bacho), who noted cases where murderers were jailed long after their crimes in Chile, Argentina, Spain and in Germany (Nuremberg), “which left no doubt and that those who shoot Colonel Caamaño cannot get away with.”

The prominent lawyers Ramon Antonio Veras (Negro) and Tomas Castro, the priest Santiago Bautista, among others have stated their willingness to form part of the commission.

The writer Franco Franklin said retired admiral Ramon Emilio Jimenez (Milo), then Secretary of the Armed Forces, who was publicly accused of Caamaño’s death in the mountains near the village Nizaíto, has never admitted it, but always has sustained that it was on “orders from superiors.”

"Consequently these superior orders could only be issued by then President (Joaquin) Balaguer, but he and others have passed away."

Also present the day the order to execute Caamaño was issued were then Army chief Enrique Perez y Perez, and Juan Rene Bauchamps Javier, of the Armed Forces.

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