Local December 20, 2012 | 11:41 am

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Agents nab drug trafficking suspect wanted in the U.S.

Santo Domingo. -The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) said it arrested a drug trafficking suspected Wednesday night, wanted in extradition by the U.S., charged with forming part of a dangerous network which allegedly distributed hundreds of kilos of cocaine and heroin in New York.

It said Emilio Antonio Lora Delance faces nine counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to import heroin and a lethal drug known as MDMA, a case pending in in a New York criminal court, according to indictment CR09-060.

The DNCD aid Delance, 32, was arrested on a Supreme Court of warrant issued on October, 2011, and the fourth to form part of a criminal structure in the last 12 months, according to a report by the New York Office of the DA, from January 2001 to October 2007.

It said the other defendants are Ricardo Almonte Bernabel, Angel Breton Blanco, Jose Cruz Cruz, (El Socio) Jeremy Garcia Lopez (El Gordo and / or JJ), and Emmanuel Polanco Rodríguez.

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