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Abu Naba’a still in custody

Santo Domingo. – Young businessman Karim Abu Naba’a is stillbeing held in a cell in the Palacio de Justicia in Ciudad Nueva, after theprosecutor’s office executed two default actions against him for other cases,when he was supposed to leave prison on Monday, after the Court had approvedhis release on bail.

His lawyer, Miguel Valerio, guaranteedthat Abu Naba’a would respect all the legal requirements. He said that whenthey went to present him on Monday, the courts were closed, but that they woulddo this tomorrow.

Valerio said that the cases for whichthe Prosecutor’s office had re-arrested his client were for private actions,one a cell phone message and another for a casefile that the prosecutor’soffice had filed away.

The lawyer said that before arrestinghis client, the Attorney General, Francisco Domínguez Brito announced it onTwitter.

“I don’t understand how a State’scriminal policies takes on private cases and announce it on Twitter”, said Valerio.

Domínguez Brito described the court’sdecision as an error and said that his office would be appealing.

Judge Alejandro Vargas released KarimAbu Naba’a on RD$10 million bail, an exit ban and appearance at the courts onthe first Monday of every month.

Karim Abu is accused of fraud by thecompany Rosso-Mir Ltd. He was a fugitive but was arrested upon arrival at LasAméricas International Airport on Saturday.

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