Local January 23, 2013 | 5:20 pm

Jesuit priest again roils the border, plans village for Haitians

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Hundreds of people on Wednesday protested against the Jesuit priest Regino Martinez and his planned construction of a village (batey) with 600 houses for Haitian immigrants who work in the community Ranchadero, northwestern Guayubín Township.

The protesters shouted insults against the coordinator of the NGO Border Solidarity, an umbrella group of human rights for refugees and immigrants.

Ranchadero residents rejected the batey’s construction on fears that another Haiti would arise from the site, which they affirm would grow day by day and threaten their customs and laws.

Quoted by elcaribe.com.do, the protesters say Border Solidarity plans to build houses with wooden walls and corrugated steel roofs in the Dominican Government land.

Martinez had announced his transfer to that community starting in March, where the Jesuits allegedly sent him to represent those foreigners.

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