Local January 24, 2013 | 8:33 am

Notorious pop singer vows to sue notorious Arab-American businessman

Santo Domingo.- Notorious urban music star Antonio Peter de la Rosa (Omega) yesterday vowed to sue the also notorious Arab-American businessman Karim Abu Naba’a for an alleged debt of more than US$100,000 for the sale of a luxyry vehicle and other items.

He said while in New York he paid Abu US$13,000 for a BMW remote control car, US$75,000 for a jet-pack (device to fly) and a bus with fireworks, but didn’t produce any of the items.

The pop singer said that the country "made an echo" that Abu had not paid the money owed him, and that while in New York an installment for the jet-pack was delayed, for which his housed was confiscated by the businessman.

De la Rosa spoke at the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse after a pretrial hearing for allegedly beating a female dancer, who later dropped the charges, after being sent to prison last year.

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