Local February 20, 2013 | 7:15 am

Dominican Republic President bows to pressure in beach fraud

Santo Domingo.- After a four-hour meeting with media directors, president Danilo Medina said he hasn’t signed any agreement regarding the controversy of Bahia de las Aguilas and is still an open case and remains wiling to dialogue with the various sectors to hear their arguments and reach a consensus

He also admitted having “heard things he didn’t know,” in the meeting.

The chief executive’s statement comes in the heels of widespread rebuke of the announced deal over the lands in and around the country’s most exotic beach, which many sectors consider the legalization of a major fraud.

After the meeting Presidency spokesman Roberto Rodriguez said the government wanted to listen to each of the sectors carefully over his decision and stressed that Medina was pleased with the media directors, who lunched with him. "The spirit of President Medina is of dialogue with all sectors to always make the best decision for the Dominican people."


Rodriguez said the President has neither taken any decision nor revoked what was announced last week over Bahia de las Aguilas. "He heard them, appreciated their input, especially the good will with which they did so."

After the gathering media directors Huchi Lora, Persio Maldonado and Juan Bolivar Diaz agreed that the agreement cannot be endorsed because it would legitimize a fraud committed on the lands.

Listin Diario newspaper editor in chief Miguel Franjul said the President provided details about the process and that his colleagues invited had the chance to openly express their opinion.

He called the meeting very successful, adding that he strongly supports the Government’s decision, because in his view it would spur the southwest’s development of tourism, business and industry.

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