Local February 28, 2013 | 7:19 am

Barrick Gold willing to enter talks over Dominican mine contract

Santo Domingo.- The miner Barrick Pueblo Viejo Wednesday said it’s ready for dialogue with the Dominican government on aspects of the contract signed and approved by Congress, but reiterated limitations to a modification, due to commitments with the project’s stakeholders.

In a statement, Barrick Gold’s local operation confirmed that it has had "friendly gatherings" with the government to discuss concerns arising from the contract for the gold mine at Pueblo Viejo, Cotuí (northeast).

Medina called on the Canadian company to review the contract because, in his view, for every US$100 the miner makes, the Dominican government would get only US$3.

Barrick Pueblo Viejo president Manuel Rocha cautioned however that legal security is essential to achieve the profits shared between Barrick, the government, the towns near the mine site and the country’s entire economy.


Medina warned that the gold in Dominican Republic’s soil can only be extracted, processed and exported, if the revenue from its extraction is favorable and shared fairly with Dominicans, which " at the present time are not."

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