Local March 15, 2013 | 12:05 pm

Yet another Dominican Republic showbiz figure in major legal scandal(Update)

Santo Domingo. – Yet another Dominican Republic showbiz figure has been brought up on charges in recent weeks, when prosecutors asked a National District Court to hold TV host Angie Agramonte until posting RD$500,000 bail, in connection with US$300,000 seized in her vehicle, allegedly owned by a ring comprised of Colombians, Dominicans and Venezuelans.

The Justice Ministry’s Anti-Money Laundering Unit filed the charges before the Permanent Attention Jurisdiction, requesting Agramonte be held until posting bond, a travel ban and periodic appearance at the Office of the National District Prosecutor.

The TV host figures in the registration of the SUV driven by a Colombian Ginaliz Quintero Flores, who allegedly forms part of the network, charged with drug trafficking and money laundering.

The vehicle with the dollars was parked in a restaurant on the upscale Anacaona Av. seized 12noon December 12, while Quintero was arrested moments earlier.

Among the showbiz figures involved in recent serious legal scandals figure urban singers Vakero, El Sujeto, Los Teke Teke and Omega, American Idol winner Martha Heredia, rapper Franklin the Boss, bachata icon Anthony Santos and salsa singer Asdrubal.


Lead prosecutor German Miranda reveals that traces of cocaine were also found in Agramonte’s vehilce.

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