Local March 18, 2013 | 12:28 pm

Police identify 3 women ‘paid to lie’ about senator Menendez

Santo Domingo.- The National Police on Monday said it identified three women allegedly hired by two lawyers to make recordings claiming to have participated in parties and sex with U.S. senator for New Jersey Bob Menendez and prominent eye doctor Solomon Melgen, for which were paid RD$46,000.

In said its investigators determined that the lawyers Melanio Figueroa and Miguel Angel Galvan were the people who hired the women.

It said Galván hired Nexy de los Santos Santana, who then contacted her friends Vanessa María Núñez Alcántara and Adalgisa Reyes Cordero “Jaraira.”

The women admitted to investigators that after being hired, they went to a hotel room of La Romana for the recordings, but a lack of internet forced them to go to a mall with Wi Fi.

They said once there, ??the recordings were made with a foreign-looking person in Figueroa’s presence, using a hands-free mobile device and asked them scripted questions.

The Police said once the recordings were finished, Figueroa paid 17,000 pesos to Reyes and 12,000 each to De los Santos and Nunez.

The investigation comes one week after prominent attorney and Melgen’s Vinicio Castillo submit a criminal complaint for slander, because U.S. and local publications linked him, Menendez and his cousin Melgen to alleged sex and parties with prostitutes, including minors.

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