Local May 6, 2013 | 5:40 pm

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U.S.Ambassador concludes mission without irking Dominicans

SantoDomingo.- U.S. Ambassador Raul Yzaguirre on Tuesday announced he’ll retirelater this month, according to the statement issued by the U.S. Embassy to Foreignminister Carlos Morales.

Yzaguirre"departs from the Dominican Republic pleased that the bilateralrelationship continues to thrive to the extent that the United States and theDominican Republic work side by side to advance the common goals in varioussectors.”

Yzaguirre citedhealth reasons for his resignation, and said he will return with his wifeAudrey to his home in Maryland.

The diplomat,whose tenure dates to November, 2010 notes that he has often underscored thecommonalities and values ??shared by the U.S. and Latin American cultures.

"Witharound one million Dominicans in the United States, this special relationship,transmitted through family ties and historical links continues to open avenuesfor future of mutual interests between the United States and the DominicanRepublic" said Yzaguirre, who unlike several of his predecessors, didn’t stokesensitive issues between Washington and Santo Domingo.

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