Local May 8, 2013 | 12:50 pm

TV network: Police have yet to arrest TV mogul in battery case

SantoDomingo. – TV network NCDN on Wednesday revealed that despite an arrest warrantissued against cable TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías, Police have yet to apprehend himon alleged battery denounced by his wife, the former beauty queen SandraKurdas.

It saidPolice spokesman Maximo Baez has yet to respond to the network’s “constantinquiries by our staff,” as to why the warrant hasn’t been executed.

Marcos, Michaeland Priscilla Jorge, sons of the former Tourism Minister and Kurdas, denied theirmother’s charges against Frank Jorge.

The NationalDistrict Office of the Prosecutor on Thursday began an investigation into the businessleader for the alleged assault filed by Kurdas, who from Miami said she’safraid to return to the country.

“The Police spokesmanhas yet to respond to the constant inquiries by our staff as to why the arrest warranthas yet to be executed,” NCDN said in its noon Wednesday broadcast.

Kurdas’ attorneyPlino Pina said she left the country fearing for her life, and the photos sheposted on her Twitter account show bruises in various parts of her face.

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