Local May 13, 2013 | 9:39 am

Electoral Board’s public bickering prompts congressional probe

Santo Domingo.- The public bickering among several Central Electoral Board (JCE) members over how the status of more than 22,000 citizens of Haitian descent has been managed concerns many people.

Senate president Reinaldo Pared on Sunday said he’ll propose a joint commission to lower Chamber president Abel Martinez, to investigate the row in the JCE.

On Twitter, Pared said he’ll present the proposal at the Senate’s next session Wednesday. "The public contradictions among the JCE members are reaching levels that merit a thorough investigation. "

Just minutes later, Martinez also tweeted approval for Pared’s proposal. “We must ensure that the JCE is preserved immaculate, with full public confidence."

JCE President

"It’s a shame that a media spectacle occurs around the JCE, from the conduct and abuse in the use of communication in the presence of the media," said JCE president Roberto Rosario also on twitter. “It’s unfortunate that the branches of government get distracted from their duties of state.”

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