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Several local men nabbed in Pennsylvania drug raids

New York.- Several Dominicans arrested and charged in Berks County Pennsylvania, moved, according to prosecutors, hundreds of thousands of dollars each week dealing heroin, cocaine and marijuana in various villages and towns.

The authorities said the organization was headed by Michael Vazquez (Rambo) who investigators accuse of recruiting and planning crimes with other suspects.

In a statement, the prosecutor said in addition to the Dominicans, other foreigners fell in "Operation M3", conducted by various law enforcement agencies.

They are charged with trafficking drugs in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Arizona and Mexico.

Berks County prosecutor John Adams said the investigation originally focused on Robert Sanfiel, but the number of accused now reaches 25. He said thousands of dollars in cash, drugs firearms and narcotics were seized in raids.

Among the detainees figure Carlos Taveras, Eric Feliz, Franklin Bidó, Héctor Veras, Pedro Moore, Víctor Burgos, Víctor Romero Rojas, Emilio Concepción, Daniel López, Orlando Sánchez, Ceferino Hernández, Raudo Cabral, Eduardo Beltrán, Delwis Santana, Juan Carlos Torres Cosme, Jazmín King, Angel Oliveras, Eric Urbaez Pineda, Eduardo Beltrán, Sarah McDevitt, Jonathan Sanifiel, Arvel Bullock and Mbejou Waith.

Investigators seized three kilos of cocaine, 250 grams of heroin, over US$50,000 in cash, three handguns, a shotgun and a vehicle with a hidden compartments for drugs and money.

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