Local June 7, 2013 | 9:18 am

Buoyed by court win, the City offers “garage” university a choice

Santo Domingo.- A National District City Council study on Unicaribe University’s traffic situation disclosed Thursday seeks a solution without having to build a pedestrian bridge over 30 de Mayo Highway (El Malecon).

The proposal includes speed redactors on both sides of the highway, a traffic light and signals at the pedestrian crossing, and the installation of fences to protect bus passengers. It said the measures also include bolstering the current presence of Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) agents.

The study also notes residents’ complaints against Unicaribe’s growth "without any control by the authorities."

"The university approves and encourages the use of areas which are not designated for vehicle parking, since they are public spaces for pedestrians, not for parking," it said.

The City Council’s proposal comes in the heels of the Manganagua Municipal Affairs Court ruling upholding its ban on the construction of the pedestrian bridge, being built by the Government agency, OISOE.

Nonetheless the Council’s Communications Dept. criticizes the "always belligerent attitude" on the part of Unicaribe, one of many “garage” universities built without control across the country.

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