Local June 11, 2013 | 8:40 am

Squatters given 15 days to leave Sierrra de Bahoruco National Park

Santo Domingo.- The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry on Monday said it has notified more than 60 percent of squatters in the south slope of Sierrra de Bahoruco National Park as part of the measures to recover the protected area.

In statement, Environment said once the 15-day deadline issued to the squatters expires, it will proceed with evictiosn and other actions stipulated in the Environmental and Natural Resources Protection Law 64-00.

It said the occupants live in the area illegally for many years, conductin unsustainable farming and livestock and producing charcoal from trees.

Environment adds that in most cases, Haitian laborers are hired to do those jobs in the protected area located in southwestern Pedernales Province.

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