Local June 26, 2013 | 8:37 am

Arrests, interrogations for ravaging Bahoruco National Park

Santo Domingo. – The Environment Ministry on Tuesday announced it filed charges on forest damage and illegal constructions at Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, near Los Arroyos (southwest).

Pedernales province Environmental officials and agents arrested one manager and interrogate the land’s alleged owners José Dolores Andujar, Emil Valdez and Saturnino Bladimir Espinal to prepare charges.

The Environment Ministry said three areas of forests showed extensive damage, while three warehouses were seized, including materials taken from the park for farming and pigsties.

During the last three weeks park rangers and Environment agents have been conducting raids throughout the Park, where they serve voluntary eviction notices to squatters within the protected area.

The squatters, who ravaged nearly 230 hectares of pine forests in the park’s center, were given a deadline to leave the area or face criminal charges.

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