Local June 26, 2013 | 12:56 pm

Readers don’t care if Sunland scandal affects former president

Santo Domingo.- A large part of Dominican Today readers who took part in an online poll don’t think a recent ruling in Florida regarding the scandal unleashed by a construction contract with the Sunland Corp. will hurt former president Leonel Fernandez, whose Administration was marred by the case.

When asked “Will the U.S. court ruling on the Sunland case hurt Fernandez?,” 43.03% -or 389 votes responded “Who cares, the money is gone anyway, followed by “No, it’s water under the bridge,” with 252 votes, or 27.88%

The response “Yes, it will come back to haunt him” was third with 245 votes, or 27.10%, followed by “Maybe, depends how he reacts,” with18 votes, or 1.99% of the readers who responded in the online poll.

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