Local July 15, 2013 | 1:00 pm

Calls to rally for, against gay US Ambassador fizzle out in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The calls to turn today into a "black Monday" y those who oppose U.S. ambassador-nominee and a "rainbow Monday " by those who support it fizzled out, as the contrary groups failed to show up at any of the capital’s main thoroughfares.

The protests expected in the capital for and against U.S. ambassador-designee James "Wally" Brewster, a gay community (LGBT) activist, were likely preempted by the country’s other pressing problems: the nagging electricity crunch, the infighting in the opposition PRD party, and the jump in crime which led to the use of the military in patrols.

Transsa Dominicana, which groups transsexuals and transvestites made the call for a "rainbow Monday" for Brewster, while the church Iglesia Cristiana de Albanza and other Protestant denominations proposed a "black Monday."

Catholic Church

And although Dominican Republic’s Catholic Church has also criticized Brewster’s designation, including Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, it wasn’t among those which that for a "black Monday."

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