Local July 17, 2013 | 7:38 am

After major setback, former Dominican president to “take to the streets”

Santo Domingo.- Former president Hipolito Mejia on Tuesday said his supporters will have no choice but to “take to the streets,” just hours after the Superior Electoral Court ruled against 69 of his collaborators who had filed a restraining order to challenge their exclusion from the next meeting of the opposition party’s (PRD) top echelon, the National Executive Committee (CEN).

He called the high Court’s a "laughingstock" and then met with deputies and leaders of the PRD at private residence,

Mejia said he was confident in the Electoral court’s work and hoped that they would avoid becoming “petrified leaders of this corrupt government."

"And oh surprise, how pitiful, how hard, to hear these gentlemen making arguments that really are out of context and the logic of common sense, but obviously, the people are on the lookout," the former president said, interviewed separately by Lora Huchi and Consuelo Despradel on the radio.

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