Local July 19, 2013 | 8:13 am

Landfill dispute halts the garbage trucks

Santo Domingo.- The collection of 600 tons of trash was a delay in Greater Santo Domingo on Thursday, when the Santo Domingo North City Council took over the operations of the landfill at Duquesa, on an alleged breach of contract by the company that manages the facility.

National District (Santo Domingo) City Council secretary general Andres Navarro said trash collection throughout the city slowed on Wednesday, as the result of Santo Domingo North City Council’s intervention of the landfill’s operations, which led to “a special situation.”

"This intervention has caused a five-hour delay in the landfill’s operation, both Wednesday morning and afternoon, with the accumulation of a considerable number of garbage trucks in the National District and other municipalities," the official said at a press conference yesterday.

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