Local July 22, 2013 | 12:40 pm

Dominicans ‘cannot continue to tolerate bans’ from Haiti: Mogul

Santo Domingo.- US$75.0 million in losses is what the Haiti government’s ban on plastics means for Dominican Republic, which “cannot continue to tolerate bans being imposed.”

Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) president Ligia Bonetti on Monday said Haiti takes its measures without rationality and without any support and that the latest ban could lead to losses of more than US$75 million on products destined exclusively for the Haitian market.

"We feel that the Dominican Republic should react to the Haitian government’s position, which isn’t consistent with the signed trade agreements," Dominican mogul said on the program El Dia, with Huchi Lora and Amelia Deschamps.

Bonetti said although Port-au-Prince argues the environment topic to justify their ban, her country meets all national and international regulations, and in her view affects its more than 10 million Haitians who cannot get those products from other markets.

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