Local July 23, 2013 | 7:39 am

Opposition party’s “sterile” meetings tire ex Dominican Republic president

Santo Domingo.- Ex president Hipolito Mejia yesterday said he’s tired of so many “sterile” meetings in search of a solution to the months-long crisis in Dominican Republic’s major opposition party (PRD).

He noted however that a team of PRD leaders who support him maintains contacts with the PRD faction headed by the organization’s president Miguel Vargas, looking to agree on staging the meeting of the National Executive Committee (CEN) to renew the senior echelon.

He said he doesn’t rule out taking his case to the Superior Electoral Court again, despite its ruling against most of his legal actions and for Vargas over control of the PRD.

"I’m tired of sterile meetings," Mejia said, and cautioned Vargas against signing more documents or making decisions in the PRD, arguing that his duties as president ceased July 19.

Awaits Electoral Board ruling

Mejia said since the PRD’s president current tenure has concluded, his lawyers will ask the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to issue a decision on Vargas’s status.

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