Local July 25, 2013 | 1:13 pm

Government says would take over landfill if necessary

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry is ready to take over and declare the Duquesa landfill in a state of emergency, if the Santo Domingo North City Hall isn’t able to handle the waste.

"If the City Council has decided to manage the landfill on its own and isn’t able to do so, we’re going to intervene and declare an emergency. We, together with the Public Health Ministry have to guarantee the environment and health of the Dominican people," said Environment minister Bautista Rojas.

The official said the council’s decision to terminate the contract with the landfill contractor Lajun Corporation, using the police without court approval, is "out of place and legally incorrect."

Rojas said as a guarantor of the environment, his agency’s duty to is to preserve the environment "and any risks caused by Santo Domingo North’s inability to manage the landfill automatically forces us to proceed together with other entities."

He said the government has the ability and equipment necessary to intervene the landfill, and avert hazards to the environment and public health.

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