Local July 26, 2013 | 7:37 am

Dominican Republic to send more than 100 generals packing

Santo Domingo.- The Senate approved Thursday the deputies’ amendments to the Armed Forces Statutory Law, passed by the 21 lawmakers present at the session.

The bill, which president Danilo Medina is expected to sign into law, lowers the number of generals from the current more than 150 to just 45, “until reaching one per 1,000 soldiers within 6 years.”

It also leaves open the possibility of a civilian as Minister and changes the names of the Navy of War to the Dominican Navy, the National Army to the Dominican Army, while the Armed Forces Ministry will be the Defense Ministry.

The Minister’s retirement will be obligatory is two years, unless the President, by decree, confirms them for two additional years.

A general can hold the rank for only 10 years, with obligatory retirement after that, unless they are occupying a commanding position. The same applies to colonels and navy captains.

According to the legislation authored by senator Adriano Sanchez, a soldier can opt to retire after 25 years in service, but mandatory at 40.

Promotions and retirements will be only on February 27 of each year, the country’s National Independence. To be promoted, the beneficiary must have at least four years in rank.

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