Local July 31, 2013 | 2:42 pm

Dominicans lay barb wire at Haiti border after attack on soldier

Pedernales, Dominican Republic. – Troops and civilians began laying barbed wire along the border Tuesday, installing a two-kilometer fence thus far to keep out undocumented immigrants, as well as donkeys, horses, goats and other animals.

Border Security (Cesfront) agents headed the work aimed at separating the border completely with a 2-kilometer, barbed wire perimeter to prevent assaults against Dominican military, just days after an unidentified group of Haitians stripped a soldier of an assault rifle.

Quoting a Cesfront source, elnacional.com.do reports that the measure looks to halt the Haitians from crossing the border illegally daily.

Haitian official

The measure prompted rebuke in Anse-au-Pitre Tuesday by Haitian official Andreu Sabad, who said if Dominican Republic takes that step against his compatriots, it could lead to the intervention by international organizations. "We’ll leave that to international organizations."

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