Local August 6, 2013 | 9:26 am

Latin Kings gangster linked to brutal assault on Dominican teen

New York.- The NYPD question a prominent member of the dangerous street gang The Latin Kings in connection with the brutal assault on Dominican teen Natasha Martinez, 17, stabbed 11 times and now in critical but stable condition in a Manhattan hospital.

The suspect is being interrogated at the 102nd Precinct in Woodhaven, where Martinez resides, near where she was attacked as she was entering her house on Monday last week.

The gang member was arrested Monday and a source close to the investigation said a co-worker in a fast food restaurant where she works could be behind the assault. "A member of the gang may have been encouraged as retaliation for Natasha’s not showing an interest in one of her co-workers," added the source.

The gang member in custody was recorded by security camera as he fled after the attempt to murder Martinez, shouted, "Mommy, help me I’m serious injured, I’m hurt."

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