Local August 12, 2013 | 9:30 am

Agents bust ring sent drugs to Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Santo Domingo. –National Investigations Department (DNI) director Maximo W. Muñoz on Sunday announced the bust of an international ring that shipped drugs to the U.S., in a joint operation with the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD).

He said Dominican Juan Francisco Peña, alias Geovanny, headed the ring, was arrested at Las Americas International Airport, together with two women, seizing 33.17 kilos of cocaine and 16.09 kilos of heroin.

In a statement, the DNI said 48 packages of drugs were in three suitcases ready to board Jet Blue airline flight 848 to the U.S.

The DNI identified the women being held as Eduvigis Marte and Cristal Rivera, both U.S. nationals, while in addition to Peña the men are Alberto Argeni Lendof and Bleyton B. Santos.

It added that the network made around three shipments weekly on flights from Las Americas, mainly to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, sending as much as 100 kilos of cocaine and 50 kilos of heroin.

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