Local September 2, 2013 | 12:14 pm

Two gangland style executions in just one week rock La Romana

La Romana, Dominican Republic.- Just one week after a similar gangland style execution on a bus full of passengers, two gunmen riddled with bullets a man driving a motorcycle in a barrio at La Romana Sunday night, police said.

René Mena Ramírez (Manganza), 42, was shot twice by two assailants also on a motorcycle, who intercepted and shot him, and fled at the sector of Los Prados.

Investigators believe the murder wasn’t a robbery, because the victim still had his wallet with documents and cash.

After being shot, Mena and his motorbike came to a rest at the bushes on the roadside.

Last week a lone gunman boarded a bust of the La Romana-Higuey route and shot dead one of the passengers, before walking away from the horrified witnesses. Police identified the victim as Ramón Cabrera “Batey” or "John," 62, in an apparent "settling of accounts."

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