Local September 3, 2013 | 7:42 am

High court to hand down ‘resounding’ ruling on Dominican nationality

Santo Domingo.- The Constitutional Court (TC) will hand down in the coming days a resounding ruling on the Dominican nationality, a hot-button topic here and abroad in recent years.

The justices Víctor Joaquín Castellanos and Hermogenes Acosta on Monday confirmed the report, who said there are several pending cases on nationality and the ruling will be according to the Constitution.

"There are several cases in the Constitutional Court regarding the issue, they are being worked on, so the court will soon determine its position through its ruling, it has to do with the issue of nationality," Castellanos said, when asked about Central Electoral Board president Roberto Rosario’s statement that the nationality cannot be negotiated.

"We cannot forward details on any case, any ruling on the files has yet to be produced, we must safeguard their confidentiality. What we can assure is that soon, the court shall rule forcefully on the issue."

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