Local September 26, 2013 | 7:18 am

Dominican Republic casinos, auto dealers, condos launder the most drug money

Santo Domingo.- Casinos, financier agencies, auto dealers and construction of high rises are the main ways drug traffickers launder money in Dominican Republic, National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) president César Souffront revealed Wednesday.

He said drug traffickers manage to launder 90% of the money from the sale of narcotics. “All sectors can be drug trafficking’s target in the Dominican Republic.”

The official, interviewed by the Corripio media group, said that to counter it, the laws on money laundering and on controlled substances need to be amended, to bring them up to speed with the new investigative techniques.

On the block

Souffront also announced that properties seized from drug traffickers worth around RD$200.0 million will be auctioned in the coming days an. “There’s going to be items and real estate from the (Jose Figueroa) Agosto case and those that are part of the Quirino (Paulino) case. We have farms, lots, homes and luxury vehicles.”

International networks

Souffront said Dominican Republic’s geographical position spurs foreign criminal groups, mostly South American, to get a foothold in the country to direct operations from here.

He regrets that “we have people who belong to Mexican and Colombian cartels,” and slammed the courts which grant bail to suspected drug traffickers who in in view, then leave the country with ease.

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