Local October 1, 2013 | 7:36 am

Dominican doctors walk, the government urges talks

Santo Domingo.- While physicians heeded the Dominican doctors guild’s (CMD) call on the first day of the 72-hour walkout which left thousands of patients without consultation, the Public Health Ministry urged the union leaders to talks and told them that all doors toward a wage increase are still open.

The suspended consultations affect patients at the main public hospitals, where emergency services were reinforced and triage was set up for those in need of urgent attention.

The work stoppage is slated to end 8am Thursday.

At the top of the CMD’s demands figures a wage increase consigned in next year’s budget.


While touring various hospitals, CMD president Amarilis Herrera warned the authorities that failure to meet their demand will only lead to a drawn-out struggle. "If I have to hand over the medical guild’s chairmanship in December in the midst of a struggle, I will."

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