Local October 7, 2013 | 8:37 am

National Police says it’s time to clean house throughout

Santo Domingo.- "It’s time to clean house up and down in this institution," the National Police announced Sunday, noting that "we’re determined to change the citizenship’s perception of our institution."

In a statement read by spokesman Jacobo Mateo, the National Police admits conducting "a deep purge."

He also announced "substantial" wage increases and the ‘Police Agent of the Month cash prize, "to herald the new route of honesty and transparency which the police have taken."

Outstanding agents

In the first set of awards 18 agents were honored yesterday for recent actions, including Lt Colonel Fidel de la Cruz, shot 16 times in a firefight with criminals.

Among those honored figure agents which seized large quantities of drugs, and others who rejected large bribes from known criminals and drug traffickers.

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