Local October 9, 2013 | 3:04 pm

Ex Miss Ohio’s lawyers say they get death threats in case against TV mogul

Santo Domingo.- Former Miss Ohio Sandra Kurdas’ lawyers Wednesday said they’re getting death threats as a result of their client’s lawsuit against her estranged husband, cable TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías.

Plinio Pina, head of Kurdas’ defense team, said the threats started several days ago and have already notified the authorities. "They’ve been telling us that we have to watch out for our life, that our lives are at risk, that we should abandon the case, that we should put Sandra Kurdas’ defense aside but unfortunately we’re attorneys that we are not going to leave the Sandra Kurdas’ defense."

Meanwhile Jorge’s attorneys challenged Pina to prove these assertions. "Prove it, I think that lawsuits aren’t won in the press, but in court and there are lawyers who tend to use the press as a tourniquet to pressure judges," said Jorge’s lead defense lawyer Ramon Pina Acevedo.

In today’s hearing in the National District 5th instruction Court, Jorge faces charges of domestic violence and psychological abuse against his wife.

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