Local October 10, 2013 | 9:49 am

Star witness in racism case against Dominican Republic ‘a fraud’

Santo Domingo.- The star witness in the xenophobia case being heard in Mexico against Dominican Republic turns out to be a fraud, according to a report released Thursday by Central Electoral Board president Roberto Rosario.

Isidro Pierret Pie, who claims Dominican nationality based on his birth in the country from Haitian parents, wasn’t recognized as such by his alleged brothers and sisters who live in the southwest towns of Villa Jaragua, in Bahocuro province and Cabral, Barahona province.

In Mexico City meanwhile AP reports that the Dominican Government‘s representatives denied carrying out massive arbitrary expulsions of Dominicans and/or immigrants on issues of race, as Pierret testified before the Court.

The representatives of alleged victims of the reported deportations claim that it’s part of an ongoing pattern of discrimination.

In the second and last day of a public hearing held in Mexico, Government representatives questioned the veracity of the nationality of some of the alleged victims as well as claims of deportations which they say occurred more than a decade ago.

The Court examines the case known as "Tide Méndez et al. vs Dominican Republic" relating to the expulsion of 27 people, and which the plaintiffs claim shows a pattern of discrimination and human rights violations committed during raids and mass repatriations from the 1990s to date.

"There’s no documentary evidence, there are no witnesses, there’s nothing, just a statement and with important irregularities," said Dominican Foreign Ministry human rights analyst José Casado-Liberato.

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