Local October 21, 2013 | 11:33 am

‘A bit of everything’ in Dominican Republic’s fake medicines

Santo Domingo.- The Vice President of the national union of pharmacies warned Monday that the country’s bogus medicine makers use sawdust, talcum powder, "and even cement and paint.”

Julio Curiel de Moya said the practice even affects the top-ranked medicines, “because for many buyer, they’d never go look for low-rated drugs."

Interviewed on NCDN, channel 37, Curiel warned that the bogus products and medications don’t have the substance that patients need to take, “since they are just copies of the originals.”

He said the World Health Organization estimates that counterfeit medicines account for 25% of the world market, but whose main impact is on underdeveloped countries. “While in the Dominican Republic is estimated that 10 percent of the drugs dispensed in today’s markets are counterfeit.”

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