Local October 23, 2013 | 9:30 am

Four dead, 9 hurt, more than 15 arrests during strike-UPDATE

Santo Domingo.- Four dead, 9 hurt and more than 15 arrests is the tragic result on the first day of a 48 hour strike in several towns of the Cibao (north) region, called by the often violent group, FALPO, and other organizations which demand several public works.

Authorities identified the fatal victims as Darlin de la Rosa, 16; Gilberto Jimenez, 36, and Kendry Rodríguez, 13.

De la Rosa and Jimenez were killed during violent protests in the Los Ciruelitos sector of Santiago, while Rodriguez was shot to death on the main street in Navarrete.

Several police are among the wounded are, including officers, while a 4-year-old girl was hit by one bullet in a vehicle, also in Navarrete.

Although the strike was called for Castillo, Bonao and San Francisco, violent protests also took place at Esperanza, Hato del Yaque, and Canca la Reina, in southern Espaillat province, whose residents demand completion of a bridge and paved streets.

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