Local October 28, 2013 | 2:25 pm

Dominican Govt., business agree: Ecotourism is Samana’s future

Santo Domingo.- Environment minister Bautista Rojas and Samana Tourism Cluster representatives how to enhance the province’s ecotourism as a key activity to generate wealth.

They agreed that ecotourism is type of responsible tourism, based on areas with natural and cultural values that contribute to conserve the site, and generate wealth for its inhabitants.

During a more than one hour meeting in Rojas’ office, Cluster the representatives agreed on the proper handling of solid waste, on the humpback whale watching season and the management of the waterfalls at El Limon, among other topics on sustainable development.

They agreed that the region should know the importance of promoting a form of tourism with environmental and economic benefits, such as ecotourism.

"In Samaná and elsewhere in the Dominican Republic we must be aware that eco-tourism is an activity of complementary production, without leaving aside other traditional activities. In the case of that province, tourism should be an alternate economic activity to farming and fishing,” Rojas said.

Present in the meeting were Protected Areas deputy minister Danerys Santana, Samana Tourism Cluster president Rafael Blanco, Samana Hotels Association president Federico Schad and director Fabeth Martínez, as well as Alejandra Orsini, among others business leaders.

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